Ninja Weapons

Yeah, yeah. Ninja weapons are cool and all, but these weapons aren't a joke. They are VERY DANGEROUS. HANDLE WITH CARE!



Swords (or katanas, if you wanna be that way), were used by ninjas and samurai alike back then. They usually had a black handle with a short but wide(not too wide)hilt. While samurais hold their swords with 2 hands, ninjas hold it with one. While samurai slice their enemies with the sharp side, ninjas stab their enemies with the point.


The infamous throwing weapon, you have taken an interest in. Shurikens are metal snowflakes that are as fast as Usain Bolt and they hurt like a bunch of bees.These were skillfully weilded by the ninjas who could throw shurikens instead of slicing with a sword.

ninja weapons

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